Sophia Westwood

Software + product
I care about building ethical software for social good.

Things I've Done

I did my undergrad and master's in Computer Science at Stanford.

I spent the 2020 election season as VP of Product at Empower working on get-out-the-vote tools.

I was the first female engineer hired at Quip and later became a product director there. I created and led Quip for Salesforce, accounting for the majority of new sales after a year.

I taught half a million kids about for-loops, while-loops, and strings on Khan Academy.

I gave talks at Dreamforce like this, wrote about embedded live apps and effective teaching, and built some interesting tools like this one and this one.

I cofounded Midday Tech to work on climate change, recognized by the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2021 for innovation in solar software.